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The Circus Diaries
The Circus Diaries: A Critical Exploration of the Circus World - Reviews, Features and Musings on current circus happenings in the UK and beyond. [added: 8.7.14]

AHRC Ellen Terry and Edith Craig Archive Database
This is an online guide to the National Trust's Ellen Terry and Edith Craig Archive, providing descriptions of over 20,000 documents. [added: 24.9.13]

British Music Hall Society
Describing themselves as "a bunch of mad keen fans of music hall and variety," this society is open to everyone who shares that love. [added: 28.11.12]

Frank Matcham Society
The society aims to visit and develop links with all the surviving Matcham theatres and to encourage and carry out research into Frank Matcham's life and work. [added: 28.11.12]

The Irving Society
Bringing together individuals and organisations interested in promoting appreciation of British theatre in the age of the actor-manager Sir Henry Irving. [added: 28.11.12]

Arthur Lloyd
There are over 2,300 pages of information, and more than 8,400 archive images on the history of Music Hall and Theatre in the UK. [added: 19.11.12]

The UK trade union for professional performers and creative practitioners.
[added: 14.3.12]

Archives Hub
The Archives Hub enables you to search across a wealth of archives held at nearly 200 institutions in England, Scotland and Wales. [added: 14.3.12]

The web's leading resource for autdio about British Theatre.
[added: 14.3.12]

British Library Theatre Archive Project
This site accompanies a major project to reinvestigate British theatre history 1945-1968. [added: 14.3.12]

Association of British Theatre Technicians
The ABTT is for people who care about a safe and successful theatre industry. [added: 14.3.12]

Society of British Theatre Designers
Designers are easily isolated by their work. This society puts them in touch with one another and with those working in theatre in other countries. [added: 14.3.12]

Records of Early English Drama
Working to locate, transcribe, and edit all surviving documentary evidence of drama, minstrelsy, and public ceremonial in England before 1642. [added: 12.4.11]

Chamber of Demonstrations
Introducting Prof. Martin White's research into original practices in the Jacobean Indoor Playhouse, and the resultant interactive DVD. [added: 28.12.09]
Letting you find people with similar research interests, keep track of the latest developments in your area, and create your own academic webpage. [added: 26.12.09]

Pantomime in Scotland
'Your other national theatre': a three-year research project at the Department of Theatre, Film & Television Studies at the University of Glasgow. [added: 20.12.09]

Theatre Information Group
The TIG website is a marvellous resource fo students, practitioneres, librarians and archivists. [added: 30.11.09]

The STR on Twitter
Follow the STR's news updates on Twitter.
[added: 20.12.09]

V&A Theatre Collections
A national collection of live-performance material covering drama, dance, musical theatre, circus, music hall, rock and pop, and other forms of live entertainment. [added: 26.12.09]

National Theatre Archive
The IFTR/FIRT exists to promote collaboration and the exchange of information between individuals and organisations concerned with theatre research. [updated: 3.11.13]

International Federation for Theatre Research
The IFTR/FIRT exists to promote collaboration and the exchange of information between individuals and organisations concerned with theatre research. [added: 20.12.09]

International Association of Theatre Critics
The IATC draws together more than two thousand theatre critics, through some fifty National Sections. [added: 20.12.09]

Henry Irving Foundation
The Henry Irving Foundation aims to record the Victorian actor's correspondence, and fully illustrate his life, career and achievement. [added: 20.12.09]

John Rich Conference (2008)
As producer, manager and performer, John Rich transformed the urban entertainment market. This conference explored his contributions. [added: 20.12.09]

Mander & Mitchenson
The Raymond Mander & Joe Mitchenson Theatre Collection is one of the largest collections of theatre and performance related materials in the UK. [added: 20.12.09]

The Laughing Audience
The Laughing Audience is a theatre management practice, often working in collaboration with specialists from other theatre disciplines. [added: 20.12.09]

Theatre & Performace Research Association
A new British research association aiming to foster/sustain research in theatre, performance and related areas in British and Irish universities and allied institutions. [added: 20.12.09]

Bristol University's Theatre Collection
This collection holds a vast collection of original documents, photographs, film footage & artefacts from theatres, actors, performers, designers & theatre historian. [added: 20.12.09]

The Bectu History Project
The BECTU History project is a collection of oral history recordings made with practitioners in the film, television, radio and theatre worlds. [added: 24.12.09]

SCUDD represents the interests of Drama, Theatre and Performing Arts in the Higher Education sector in the UK. [added: 20.12.09]

Theatre Record
Established in 1981, Theatre Record has probably the most influential readership of any theatre publication in the UK. [added: 20.12.09]

The Theatres Trust
The National Advisory Public Body for Theatres, protecting theatres for everyone, operating nationally in England, Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland. [added: 20.12.09]

The Stage Online
The Stage has previewed, reviewed, monitored, reported and analysed performance across the UK entertainment industry for more than 125 years. [added: 20.12.09]

The American Society for Theatre Research
The ASTRis a US-based professional organization that fosters scholarship on worldwide theatre and performance, both historical and contemporary. [added: 20.12.09]

Since 1954 SIBMAS has been a worldwide forum for colleagues promoting research, practical and theoretical, in the documentation of the performing arts. [added: 20.12.09]

Royal Shakespeare Company
One of the world's best known theatre companies, connecting people with Shakespeare and producing bold, ambitious work with living writers, actors and artists. [added: 16.6.10]

All Sites Directory
The All Sites Directory has been specifically established to provide a collection of top-rated sites for the most searched for catagories online. [added: 22.2.10]

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