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Theatre Notebook is a journal of the history and technique of the British theatre. It interprets theatre widely covering theatrical activities inside and outside theatre buildings, professional and amateur theatre, the business of theatre, stage design, the history of theatre buildings, acting technique, and theatre outside the British Isles that relates directly to the history and technique of British theatre. This list is by no means exhaustive, but as a glance at our index will demonstrate essays that focus purely on dramatic literature are not considered.

The Editors of Theatre Notebook welcome offers of contributions that record, analyse, reinterpret and celebrate the achievements of British theatre practitioners from any period, including the very recent past. They recognise the crucial importance of a scholarly approach to facts and interpretation but have no theoretical preferences, recognising the importance of representing a wide spectrum of contemporary positions. All enquiries about contributions to Trevor Griffiths -

Theatre Notebook is published by the STR three times a year.

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