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Oral History Survey

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Oral Histories of Theatre Survey: commissioned by the Society for Theatre Research, and undertaken by Dr Susan Croft between January and March 2009.

The aims of this survey were to compile information about currently active oral history projects focused on theatre and performance (or projects including an oral history element) together with planned projects and recently completed projects. It also aimed to gain an initial overview of the representation of theatre/performance-related material in other oral history projects.

This survey comprises:
» Report: a short report, giving an overview of the project.
» Responses: a detailed document, supplemented by additional information.
» Interviewees: a composite list.
» Appendices: I. Questionnaire; II. Key National Collections.

Theatre and Oral History The material found for this survey suggests that the use of oral history to record aspects of British theatre history is a growing and widespread one. The use of oral history to explore the history and experience of theatre is largely a recent phenomenon. There are oral histories of brass bands, punk rock, Glastonbury festival among others and as might be expected large quantities of interviews have taken place in areas of traditional folkloric performance, especially of music and dance, in wide range of communities. There are also accounts of performance within the cultural traditions of African, Asian and other immigrant communities within oral history projects focused on the wider culture and experience of such groups.